Brushless Ironless Electric Motor


The axial flux electric motor has been developed for a university to launch a research activity that has used innovative materials and non conventional technologies.

The core on which windings are built is made with sintered material; classic cores are made by laminated magnetic sheet, instead.

Even the magnetic part is not conventional, magnets have been developed with Halbach configuration, that allowed to get a particular flux concentration.


Brushless Ironless Electric Motor


The Electric ironless brushless motor without laminated magnetic sheet core has been developed for a university that carries out research activities. This solution totally removes iron loss which is not present.


The motor consists of a rotor with two diametrical rings that leave a central space in which windings’ coils (suitably resined) are placed to give mechanical resistance to themselves

The windings are crossed by the flow of the 2 magnetic rings, obtaining a counterelectromotive power proportional to the structure of the machine.

Outrunner Brushless Motor


We developed the out runner brushless motor for a company that deals with drones’ construction.

We talk about a motor that can reach speeds of over 10000 rpm with very lightweight.

Linear motor with tubular shape

motore elettrico lineare tubolare

Ironless linear Motor in tubular form realised for a research activity. The particularity of this motors consists of extremely limited diametric dimension and high stroke length.

IPM Brushless Motor

motore brushless ipm sitem

Brushless IPM motor with liquid cooling system

 It presents speed features of 30000 rpm and a power of 150 kw with weights and dimensions particularly contained. That’s the result of an intense activity of research for traction applications in the motorsport field

SPM Torque Motor


Electric SPM brushless motor from 100 nominal nm, 300 at his peak built in a structure made of technopolymer with IP 69 degree of protection, suitable to be used for dives in salted water.

Your Electric Motor Prototype in a short time, certain and with established estimates.