Who we are

Sitem deals with the development of electric motors, taking care of innovative technologies.  

Sitem provides a full service, from the design of the prototype up to mass production. All this can be made within Sitem’s structures, or we can assist customers who want to produce motors by themselves, with integrated services such as design and advising them about the equipment required to realize their projects.

The experience achieved in more than 30 years in this sector, enable us to be very competitive in the development of electric motors with linear or rotatory direct motion technology such as torque motor,axial flux motors,Ironless or Ironcore motor, with external or internal rotor indifferently.



We also deal with traditional technologies such as brushless motors (IPM or SPM), reluctance motors, asynchronous motors for traction, and more.

Sitem was born in 2013, by the will of two partners who decided to provide their experience of more than 30 years in the sector of design and production of motors for automation.

The experience achieved thanks to the cooperation with universities, polytechnics, and centres of research, allows Sitem to be costantly updated and at the forefront.


Sitem, in december 2017, has obtained ISO 9001-2015 Certificate of quality via TUV SUD certification authority.
Sitem runs performance and electromagnetic compatibility tests on motors with the assistance of an accredited institution.
Sitem produces UL/CSA certificated motors at specific customer’s requests.

Company with quality management system nr. 50 100 14344


After your prototype is made, Sitem can also follow the production step by step. We provide you our know-how and our technologies, in order to get to a mass production.

Sitem costantly invests in production facilities and test systems, in order to produce non conventional electric motors.